My painting is rooted in self-development, with a personal focus on my past and the present.
The works take on amorphous identities, I often use veils as metaphors, employing stretched silk as my medium on which I then apply the paint, I want the finished pieces to reveal to the viewer a little of my internal dialogue, highlighting the quiet observations I find as I excavate past events and memory. These paintings combine found objects in my environment to create a new language, reclaiming an authentic voice through my painting.

During 2020, I began making work that was emotionally influenced by lockdown.
My painting now is ambiguous with organic objects whose true form is abstracted from the viewer, depicted in states of metamorphoses alongside veils in my Voile Series. This crossing between abstract and figurative echoes many of my own unclear feelings as I navigate my internal world.

In making these works, using still-life studio objects, I employ slow painting techniques which allows me time to play. I sometimes paint over older works, using these as the starting point for new routes, and returning to recurring motifs that may hold memories and elements of past trauma.
Repressed emotions push to be heard behind the veil.

Studio portrait of Georgia Peskett

Studio portrait by Helen Rowan